River Danube Cruises

The old European continent is the hotspot during the summer because of its thousands of years of history and stunning countryside. Every year, people from different parts of the world fly to Europe to see the many wonderful sights, and some of them decide to jump on a cruise to enjoy their stay even more. Without a doubt, the Danube River is extremely well-known due to its marvelous landscapes and the tours that many cruise lines offer, where you can enjoy seeing castles that have been in existence for many centuries. If you are up for an adventure, you’d truly enjoy one of those amazing River Danube cruises.

The Beauty of Europe

Some people have stated that the best way to see some of the finest Old World architectural masterpieces is by taking a River Danube cruise. The main reason for this is the path that the cruises usually take, where you can gaze at castles that were built hundreds of years ago in many different European countries.

Certainly, there are different River Danube cruises that are offered in different travel packages, which mean that some might be longer than others and can cover more area during the allotted time. A few of the places that you’ll be able to see on a River Danube cruise are:

  • Imperial Castle in Nuremberg
  • Vienna Opera House
  • Iron Gates in the Serbia-Romania border
  • Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest
  • Benedictine Monastery in Austria

Packing for a River Danube Cruise

If this is your first time on a cruise ship, you’re probably wondering what to pack when you’re about to go on your River Danube cruise adventure. Typically, these cruises are offered during the warmer months, meaning that you should be packing shorts and t-shirts. Even though the majority of your luggage should be comprised of warm weather clothes, you ought to be ready with at least a sweater and a light jacket in case it gets chilly with the river breeze. In addition, you may enjoy a fancy dinner within the cruise ship where you can savor a few of the River Danube cruises’ gourmet meals; for fancy dinners, you should pack semi-formal clothing, such as a sports coat or a casual dress.

Ocean Cruise vs. River Cruise

When people in general talk about a cruise, you probably envision getting on a ship that will cross the oceans. However, going on a River Danube cruise is a totally different experience, and to some, it offers a lot more than an ocean cruise. First of all, rivers are narrow and in order to fit with no problems, the cruise ships are built a lot slimmer but they tend to look quite sophisticated. When it comes to the inside of the cruise ship, they are fully equipped with the latest technology and the rooms are built with nothing but top-notch materials.River Danube cruises offer a lot more because you get to experience beautiful sights, such as valleys and castles, which is something that isn’t present when you take a regular ocean cruise trip.




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